Coffee Masters

Coffee Masters Viet Nam Company LTD. (previously name Dutch Bakery Co.). 
In 2017, we acquired the coffee production arm of Elias International Co. near Da Lat in Lam Dong province Vietnam, following a reorganization of the Vietnamese business activities:


  • Wet milling

  • Raw coffee trading  

  • Coffee processing and roasting activities  


With high standard coffee for domestic and international markets. We are also an OEM for cafe-bakery chains and 5 star hotel-resorts as well.

Coffee Masters work


We select the most quintessential coffee beans under strict rules for safety, nature, pure, high quality... These rules are implemented for the whole chain, farms, the roasting process & the logistic departments.


After the material selection phase, we conduct screening and sorting coffee beans again before moving to Europe's high standard roasting stage.


Coffee Masters have to ensures you experience a best tasting with every single cup of coffee.

We also support the local Vietnamese coffee producing community and not to forget to protect the environment. 

Coffee Matters??? 


  • Do you always want to have your own coffee brand???

  • Are you waiting for invitation to get started???

  • Are you afraid to lose your all investments???


Coffee Master, more than welcome to help you with coffee supplying base on your demands. Many levels of blending, roasting, and packaging are all up to the customer requirements. 

Private label production, machinery import, coffee supply, barista training, marketing plans, catering party... are all part of our portfolios for customers.  

We are always open to partner up or helping people who love coffee.

So, dear coffee enthusiasts, if you are looking for anything within the coffee industry, get in contact now and we will make a custom plan to serve your needs! 

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